About the Forum

It was our great pleasure to host the 21st Century Learning Leadership Forum in Banff on October 16th to 18th 2012.

Together with Founding Partners Cenovus Energy Inc. and CISCO Canada we explored how to develop collaborative partnerships to create a vision for a “Learning Society”. Once again, representatives from all levels of government, from secondary and post-secondary schools, from business, and from a variety of community organizations – from across Canada and around the world – came together to continue our collective journey as we explored the concept of 21st Century Learning.

We celebrate the success of the work achieved at both 21st Century Learning Leadership Forums. The Forums were transformational for many delegates and organizations that attended. They were unique as evidenced by many of the comments received:

 “What a great conference you folks put on. It’s certainly one of the best that I’ve seen in Europe, Australia, or the USA, if not the best. The inclusion of industry lends a sense of reality and urgency to the discussion.”  Gord

“Thanks for the conference. Haven’t been that provoked since my son borrowed my car without asking. Seriously, it was extremely beneficial and I can’t wait till next year.” Gary

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